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Jama Connect Interchange User Guide

Field types for Jama Connect to Jira integrations

When data moves between Jama Connect and Jira, each field is converted to a standard type. This conversion allows you to understand how data flows between systems.


Booleans are used for flags, true/false, on/off, etc.

Example: In Jama Connect, the Flag (checkbox) custom field type is a Boolean. When a user maps a Jama Connect Flag field to a Jira Text field, True or False is written to the Jira field to represent the state of the Jama Connect flag.


DateTime is usually a specially formatted text field. Knowing that a field is DateTime allows Jama Connect Interchange to correctly convert text into date formats and apply transformations to that data (convert to Unix Time or parse into a specific format).


When you parse DateTime values to a custom format on the Field Mapping – Rules page, be sure to use valid DateTime patterns. For a list of valid patterns, see SimpleDateFormat.


Floats are numbers that allow decimal places.


Integers are numbers that do not allow decimal places.

Multi Select

Multi Select fields allow multiple values to be selected from a specified list. Jira custom fields like checkboxes, Select List (multiple choice), and Select List (cascading) are examples of Multi Select fields.

Single Select

Single Select fields allow one value to be selected from a specified list.


A single line of unformatted text.


HTML fields convert rich text fields in Jama Connect and Jira. They are called HTML fields because the values are converted to HTML as data is moved between systems.