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Jama Connect Interchange User Guide

Copy an integration

You can create copies of existing integrations. This feature allows you to quickly set up multiple, similar integrations for different projects or teams.

When you create a copy of an integration, the selected sets, links, and log messages from the original integration are not copied over. This prevents multiple integrations from being set up for the same set of items.

  1. On the Integrations page, click Copy Integrations for the integration you want to copy.

  2. Update the Integration Name, and click Confirm to create the new integration.

  3. Update the following settings for the integration as needed:

    • On the Dashboard — Edit the selected project, frequency, and other settings as necessary. See Edit an integration for a list of settings that can be updated.

    • On the Field Mappings page —

      • Click Edit mapping group to select the Jama Connect sets or folders where the integration applies.

      • Update the individual field mappings as needed.


      When copying integrations, make sure that each new integration points to a different set of Jama Connect items (and Jira items, if applicable). Running multiple integrations against the same sets of items can lead to conflicts.

  4. Save any changes, then toggle the integration to ON to begin syncing items.