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Jama Connect Interchange User Guide

Configuring field mappings for Excel Functions

Map fields in Jama Connect to the corresponding cells in the Excel template.

You can create multiple field mapping groups to map different Jama Connect sets to the same Excel template. Each field mapping group must apply to the same Jama Connect project and Excel template.

For example, if you create an integration that maps Jama Project 1 to Excel template A, you can include all the following sets in the same integration by creating a separate field mapping group for each on the Field Mappings page:

Field mapping group 1

Jama Project 1

  • Risks Set 1

  • Risks Set 2

Excel Template A

Field mapping group 2

Jama Project 1

  • Test Cases Set 1

  • Test Cases Set 2

  • Test Cases Set 3

Excel Template A

You can create two types of field mapping groups:

Follow the steps for the type of mapping group you want to create.