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Jama Connect Interchange User Guide

Create a simple Excel Functions integration

After you create your Excel template and attach it in Jama Connect, you can create a simple integration that connects to the template.

To create an Excel Functions integration:
  1. In the Jama Connect Interchange header bar, click Integrations.

  2. On the Integrations page that opens, click Add integration to open the Jama Connect Integration Wizard.

  3. Complete each page of the wizard, then click Next.

    1. Select Integration Type

      • Select integration type — Select Jama Connect to Excel Functions.

    2. Choose Connectors to Integrate

      • Choose Jama Connect for Source Connector — Select the Jama Connect connector that you want to integrate. This is the same connector you created in Link your Jama Connect instance to Excel Functions.

      • Excel Template Location (Jama ID) — Enter the Jama Connect item project ID where the Excel template is attached. For example, PROJ-SET-0001.

    3. Select Projects

      • Search or browse for the Jama Connect project that you want to integrate.

    4. Integration Configuration

      • Name — Enter a descriptive name for the integration.

      • Frequency — Select the frequency with which you want the integration to run (3 or 5 seconds is recommended).

  4. Click Submit to complete the wizard.

The integration is saved in a disabled state.