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Jama Connect Interchange User Guide

Configuring additional field mappings to the integration

After testing the integration between Jama Connect and Jira using the Name and Description fields, add additional field mappings to the Field Mappings page as needed.

As a minimum, we recommend adding these field mappings:

  • Jama Name ↔ Jira Summary

  • Jama Description ↔ Jira Description

  • Jama URL → Jira custom text field

  • Jama custom text field ← Jira URL

  • Jama Downstream Related Items → Jira Weblinks

  • Jama Upstream Related Items → Jira Weblinks


If all data for the newly mapped field is currently stored in one system, set the directionality of that field so that data is flowing one-way from that source system to the destination system before running the first sync. You can change the directionality back to bidirectional after the first sync.

For detailed steps on configuring additional field mappings, see the section on adding a new field mapping to a Jira integration in Troubleshooting and FAQs.